Chemoradiation: considering the benefits and risks

Consider the statements below about the benefits of chemoradiation and indicate how important each is to you.

Extremely Important

Not Important

I may live longer

My symptoms of cancer may improve

I feel like I am actively fighting the cancer

Other (list here):  

Consider the following statements and indicate how concerned you are about treatment with chemoradiation.

Not Concerned

Very Concerned

There is a potential for side effects

I will have to make regular trips to the hospital/cancer centre

There is no guarantee the treatment will work

Other (list here):  


1. Do you understand the benefits of the chemoradiation?
2. Do you have any questions for your healthcare team about risks and side-effects of chemoradiation?
3. Is there anything else that you would like to know?
4. Have all your questions been answered, and all your concerns addressed?
5. Can I introduce you to the rest of the team to help you schedule your treatment?